Make Your Own Invitations

I Know You are Dying to Make Your Own- Aren’t You?


Sailor Party Invitation and Decorations by The Social Butterfly

Everyone has that little creative devil in them that when you see something cool, you think to yourself, “I could make that”.  But do you?  Or do you let the fear of “not knowing how” get the best of you?  If you have ever wished you could make your own invitations or party decorations- YOU CAN!  It is not as hard as you may think. Even if you have no artistic ability, I am going to show that you can do it!  In the photo above Emily, the owner of The Social Butterfly used just a couple of different background graphics and a sailboat clip art to make an entire party theme, and you gotta LOVE the sailboat watermelon, (so glad I didn’t have to pick out the seeds).

There are tons of amazing digital graphics out there just waiting for you to snap them up, put your spin on them and turn them into a magnificent creation that only YOU could create. I have thousands of customers that buy my graphics and it never ceases to amaze me that different people can take the same background and make it look completely different by putting their own personal touch on them.

Get out your Pinatas!

It’s almost time to start getting out the margarita mix and planning your Cinco de Mayo party,  a fiesta engagement party, or maybe just a good excuse to drink margaritas and make something really fun with chili peppers and sombreros. Here is an example of how Lindsay, owner of The Laughing Ladybug and Jennifer, owner of Bella Grey Designs, used the exact same sets of graphics to make completely different things. Talented gals, don’t you think?  OLE!

Fiesta – Cinco de Mayo Party Invitation, Banner and Cupcake Toppers

Fiesta Invitation by The Laughing Ladybug, Fiesta Banner and Cupcake Toppers by Bella Grey Designs

The Big Question

How do you use digital graphics? Well until a few years ago the only people that even knew about them were graphic designers. Now people JUST LIKE YOU, stay at home moms, retirees, working women (and men) who love to create when they come home at night after work, have hundreds of thousands of options just waiting for them to dive in and get those creative juices flowing.  For instance, Tammy, owner of Church Hill Charm took my football field background and a few pieces of clip art and created cupcake toppers, a banner, and water bottle labels. All using just a couple of graphics. She has a full time job, and just opened her Etsy store in the late fall, but it is going gangbusters!  GO TEAM!

Football Party Decorations

Football Party Decorations by Church Hill Charm

I Bet I Can Send Chills Down Your Spine!

PHOTOSHOP.  There, I said it!  Did it scare you? It shouldn’t. But a lot of my members were terrified of the thought of using Photoshop. Actually, I teach my members how to do everything using Photoshop Elements, which is perfect for people doing these types of things and the best part is, instead of costing $699, Photoshop Elements is only $99, and sometimes you can find it for about $65 on Amazon and download it on the spot.  On My Friend Beth, I teach my BFFs (Beth’s Friends Forever), how to use digital papers and clip art to make invitations, stationery, party decorations and products like Iphone cases, melamine plates, platters, and loads of other things, either for your own personal use or to sell on Etsy or a website, using Photoshop Elements. And they have not only lived to tell about it, but they are letting me strut their stuff, because all of the pictures included in this post are from members of  My Friend Beth. Check out the links to their Etsy shop, website or blog- they all make amazing things!!!  All of the background papers and clip art that have been used to create all these amazing creations are from my graphics website: Great Graphics, see, I am here to help you get started!  Here is another invitation package from Emily, owner of The Social Butterfly that will set you on FIRE!  Call 911!

Fireman Party Invitation and Party Package

Fireman Party Package by The Social Butterfly

Scaredy Cat

The banner below was created by Stacy, owner of Pink Wasabi Ink, and some of the products in the last picture on this post were made by Stacy as well. She was mortified of Photoshop Elements, (sorry Stacy, but you know it’s true). I told her to download the free trial version of Photoshop Elements (PSE for short), and try out my free video tutorials, she did and found out how easy it was to learn to use (of course my video tutorials make it easy), she was hooked and has never looked back. She is a fantastic designer and makes beautiful things- ALL using PSE, like the under the sea banner below, kinda makes you wish you were riding on a seahorse, doesn’t it?

Under the Sea Party Banner

Under the Sea Banner by Pink Wasabi Ink

Word is NOT a Graphics Program, But Okay You Can Use It If You Have To

There a lot of different programs you can use besides PSE, like Paint, Gimp (it’s free), Corel, Publisher, Scrapbooking software and yes, even Word. I don’t find Word easy to use to make things in, but if it is what you are used to, it will work, at least for some things. But I would really rather see you try PSE, just because there are so many things you can do in it, that you can’t do in Word, or some of the other programs either. But we won’t fuss about that right now. Let’s just look at some of the great stuff that Julie, owner of Created For You Designs, Stephanie, owner of Cutie Patootie Creations, Lisa, owner of Sugar Blossom Lane and Beth, owner of  That’s A Wrap have created using Great Graphics AND Photoshop Elements.

 Invitations and Party Decorations

 Bridal Shower Invitation and Water Bottle Labels by  Created Just For You Designs

Preppy Whale Enclosure Cards by Sugar Blossom Lane

First Birthday and Sweet Sixteen Invitations by Cutie Patootie Creations

Cowgirl and Western Cupcake Wrappers by That’s A Wrap

Party Favors and Gifts- A GREAT Way to Save $$$$

One last thing I wanted to share with you before you run off to download PSE, and try out my free video tutorials on My Friend Beth (they are on the top right side of the page, just sign up and you will have instant access), is that besides being able to make fabulous invitations and party decorations, once you learn how to use graphics you can also use them to make other products.  Koozies, placemats, and luggage/bag tags make GREAT party favors and baby blankets, beach towels, pillowcases, lucite trays and Iphone cases are wonderful gifts. Think of the money you could save making your own gifts!  Check out these great products made by my wonderful BFFs, they are a talented bunch, and lots of fun too!

GREAT Party Favor Ideas

Koozies by Sugar Blossom Lane

Crab Placemats by Chic Monogram

Luggage and Bag Tags by Toddle Tags

GREAT Gift Ideas

Wine Tote by Sugar Blossom Lane

Beach Towels, Baby Blankets and Pillows by Take It Personal Please

Iphone Case by Chic Monogram

Lucite Tray by Pink Wasabi Ink

Personalized Pillowcase by Cutie Patootie Creations

and of course, once again, all background graphics and clip art are from Great Graphics

A Warning!

Once you start, you won’t want to stop. But that is a GOOD thing! It’s fun, you can unleash your creativity, save money, have an invitation and party decorations that everyone else hasn’t seen before and you will be the coolest chick on the block.

What would you like to learn to do?  Leave your comments below and maybe there can be some more easy tutorials coming your way!

Be sure and click on whether you love this, think I am nuts or whatever! It’s fun!

  1. Where can I find the tutorials to help me create these?

    • Hi Lauren,

      If you go to My Friend Beth on the right hand side you will see the link to my free Photoshop Elements tutorials, that can get you started, and if you want to get more in depth in how to make invitations, party decorations, products, etc… then you can check into joining my site where I teach people how to make anything they want using digital graphics.

  2. I subscribed to the Photoshop Tutorials yesterday. Still have not received any contact from you. Do you have an idea of when will I receive the tutorials?

    • Hi Migdalia,

      I just sent you an email with a link to the tutorials, you might want to check your spam, as that is probably where the first email went too- I saw that it had been sent to you. I hope you enjoy the tutorials!

  3. I really want to learn how do make all these kinds of fun party items using digital scrapbook paper!! I am so excited!

    • HI Rachel,

      Sorry to be so late, by notifications got screwed up- I would love for you to check out My Friend Beth and see what it is all about. Everyone has a lot of fun doing it- we have a great community!! Would love to have you!

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